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So often we find that the world and life tries to take away the uniqueness of femininity. We begin to despise what we see as being feminine and try to be something else. In the process our identity is destroyed or in the least undermined and belittled.


What is the truth about being feminine?


Femininity is a very special part of the character and nature of God. This part was already in Adam when God formed him and was the capacity or chamber that God removed from Adam while he was asleep and formed into woman who He presented back to Adam. That is why Adam rejoiced and said: “This is now flesh or my flesh and bone of my bone” and God caused the two to become one-flesh.


When we are not truly at peace and confident in our femininity we try to defend ourselves or detract from who we really are. We don’t know how to portray what is truly on the inside in our spirit. We look at what others say we should be and often we think to be feminine is “less than” or is “useful for manipulation”.


We have been fractured, marred and misused so often throughout our lives to greater or lesser degrees and feel we need to somehow be the protector and defender or change what does not feel comfortable anymore. Many of the women in the Bible had similar experiences to what we face today.


Dorcas – giving so much of herself she had no energy left.


Hannah – battling someone who mocks you because she has what you long for.


Gomer – carrying a lifetime of hurt.


Ruth – taken away from all that is familiar.


Mary – a lady with a reputation.


BUT God is our Defender, Healer, Deliverer, Restorer and is our greatest fan. So we can bring all this confusion to Him for His answers and the peace that comes with knowing who we are and why we were created the way we are.


We firstly need to recognise what it is that has happened to us and then be willing to let the blood of Jesus wash and cleanse us and bring the restoration needed.


We need to begin to know who we are and begin embracing the fullness of our femininity. Anything that is overused becomes misused and this is something that happens to a lot of women because they feel they need to compensate for what has happened in their past or what others have said to or about them.


Have you ever felt “I’ll show them”


Made a joke about well I’m only a woman or made generalisations about being a woman?


God wants to heal, empower and fill us for His Glory. So let’s begin by meditating on some of the godly characteristics that are unique to being feminine.


Strength to endure and carry fragile life.


Compassion and discernment of the inner heart of others.


Courage to never give up.


Nurturing and encouraging the beginnings of new things while giving grace for mistakes and learning.


Soft but with Power in her voice!


These are but a few of the traits of our amazing God that He has chosen to place in the heart and life of His feminine creation. Embrace the wonder of who you are as a woman and let God bring out of you all He has desired to see you become and accomplish.

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