God’s Woman

3wahuaqxrscumiuyzarw_img_3379In the next few blogs we will look at Proverbs 31:10-31. This can be a frightening scripture for women but God never meant it to be unattainable, He meant it as an encouragement to the potential He has created within a woman.

A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman–who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls. Prov. 31:10 


The opening verse of God’s thoughts about woman is amazing. He begins with 3 incredible aspects that make up His design in women.

Capable – Able to do anything she puts her heart and mind to. Purpose and passion go together, whether at home, work, relationships or ministry. God has placed capability within a woman. Don’t allow anyone especially the enemy tell you that you cannot do it. God says you can because you are capable! What are the needs of the situation, what are your desires, what do you wish you could do if only you had the ability? Write them down at the back of your journal and then set about releasing them into the hands of the Lord for Him to connect you with the capability within you, to dream and do what is in line with His plans and purposes for your life.


So often we want to do things better than someone else and so we won’t try unless we believe we will be the best. Wrong focus! We are not here to compete with others we are here to be the best us we can possibly be. If you want to sing then sing! In the shower, to your children, in your car. You don’t have to be able to sing like Sinach, that is her gift, but you can create songs that bless your children and put a smile on the heart of God because they come from the capability within you and the passion you have in your heart. Create words and tunes that are uniquely you. Don’t worry about what others think it is not for them but for you and the joy of the Lord.


What about those things we know we ought to do but we don’t have the confidence to do them, like cooking or baking or the household budget? Well if God calls you capable then you must be able, it may take some study, or practice or trials and a few flops but take heart, don’t give up, try and try again believing in the ability that God can release in and through you. Find your unique style and ability and then thrive!


We are equal to anything that we need to tackle and face through our lives. God calls you capable therefore you are. Keep believing and surrendering to the truth of His Word about yourself.

The next two words are equally encouraging for a woman of destiny – intelligent and virtuous. What amazing declarations God has made of you. He calls you intelligent, He is not focusing on the marks on your report card. He is focusing on the power He placed within your mind to think and evaluate and decide on what is important for each step and phase of your life. James tells us that if anyone lacks wisdom let him or her ask God who gives liberally. So when we face a situation that challenges our minds let’s remember that with Him we can do all things and if He calls us intelligent then we are!


Virtuous deals with our character. Someone who is full of integrity and great attitude. One who is able to make wonderful choices that bless others and cause situations to work out for good. A virtuous woman can be trusted and will always be the example for others to follow. God says you have that capability, so don’t shy away or hold back from getting involved. Let God use you to bring His love into focus in every situation you come across. You are the virtuous one in whom people can place their trust.


These are the attributes of a Godly woman who has a worth far above rubies. So often what the majority of people seek are the popular ones, the ones who seem to have all the talent or the ones who are in the limelight all the time, but these are not the only ones who have a real worth. Look with God’s eyes, not the world’s eyes and see yourself the way He does because your worth will be far above rubies, pearls or jewels, and we know how valuable those are! The Lord says who can find someone like that? He means for us to look and find that incredible woman He has created, allow Him to show you the fullness of the value that He has placed within you, find your true self and believe that you really are “ALL THAT”.


-Lindsey Lefebure

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