Running On Empty

A photo by Jacob Ufkes. Lord is my strength and shield.

  I trust him with all my heart.

He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.

    I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.     Psalm 28:7


I don’t know about you but sometimes life gets so busy and I am always up and about doing things that I get into these weird spaces where I just feel like I am out of fuel. I literally feel like I am running on empty. I suddenly am sitting here thinking about how much I have to do but have no will or desire to do it. Do you get that?


It’s such a horrible space to get into because then you get lazy and so on, and it’s not exactly your fault, its just that you’re feeling drained. I came across this verse recently. I was actually just feeling so tired and “out of it” and I googled (yes I used google to find this verse) verses about God being our strength. Well I have to say, google isn’t so bad because what a verse!

The Lord is my strength and shield .. Okay so let’s just break it down. The Lord is my strength. So when you are weak, drained or tired, God steps in an becomes your strength. I mean WOW! I know it’s probably something you have read a million times and know, but can we just take a second to realise that the Lord our God sees us falling a part and steps in. That’s real love.

So He becomes our strength when we just can’t do it anymore. His strength flows through us and becomes our own.


Then the next part is “and shield”. So ‘The Lord is my strength and shield’, that means He gives us His strength and protects us. A shield is used to protect a soldier in battle, so He becomes our protection in battle. So when we are feeling tired and drained, He gives us the strength to keep going and protects us from anything that may hurt us.

This verse just makes me feel a lot better just knowing that its okay if I am weak, because He will become my strength and protect me against my opposition. I can feel reassured that when I am feeling like I am running on empty that God is there to fill me with what I need.


It’s really encouraging that you can just go to the Bible and God speaks to you through what you read. He knows exactly what you need to hear and know, and so He gives you revelation and understanding of something you may have read before, but now all of a sudden it is relevant and speaks straight to your inner being.


I am sure I have seen that verse before, or atleast read a verse that tells me God is my strength and shield, and thats great, because I then knew He was. But now when I am “running on empty” He brings that verse back to me and shows me that He will be my strength when life gets a bit rough.

What an awesome God we serve.

-Kelly Hardouin

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