God’s Woman Part 02

wodA Godly woman is the most beautiful person to be with. I remember, many years ago when I was still at school and I was searching for the Lord, I became aware of two girls who I used to watch whenever I was near them. As far as I was concerned these girls were two of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. I had given my heart and life to the Lord Jesus at a very large Crusade but had not been discipled and had not had much growth as a baby Christian.

So when they approached me and invited me to a Christian meeting I went with no hesitation. I was amazed that these two stunning girls would want me with them.


As soon as I began attending the meetings I was caught up with someone who was even more incredibly beautiful and that was the Lord and the person of the Holy Spirit. I began to understand the beauty that I had been drawn to in these girls, was the light of God shining out of these girls who were filled with the Spirit of the Lord. They lead me into a fabulously fulfilling and passionate relationship with the Lord that has been my life ever since.


The heart of her husband trusts in her confidently and relies on and believes in her securely, so that he has no lack of [honest] gain or need of [dishonest] spoil. She comforts, encourages, and does him only good as long as there is life within her. (Proverbs 31:11 – 12 AMP)


This passage of scripture describes what I experienced in these two girls. The life that was in them was truly eternal and had the power to bring a trust in me that I knew that what they had I wanted. When we allow the Lord to shine in and through us we too will be a woman who can be trusted and who will do good all the days of our lives.


In this day when divorce is so rife and many are not even getting married because of the change in moral values, away from the Biblical standard, God still has the answer – a godly woman! One whose focus is the Lord and His life inside of her. Advertising keeps telling us that we need a certain cream,  a certain dress, specific hair products or jewelry in order to be successful. We feel we need to look a certain way, or have the same phone or standard of living in order to be successful.


The secret however is actually none of the above or any other thing the world can offer, the secret is the presence of the Lord in our lives. No one can resist the drawing power of the life the Holy Spirit brings into a life filled with the Lord. This is what makes marriages great, what makes relationships successful and what raises secure, confident children. Why? Because the heart of her husband and children and others around her can trust in her, they know she is not only a safe place for them but she is the strength behind them.

When there is a godly wife, the husband can conquer the world he faces every day. He has the courage to be strong and daring in his exploits because he comes home to the one who prays for him, believes in him, encourages him and builds him up to go out and win the next battle or overcome the next challenge. He has the confidence to tackle new things and find the place of victory he was created to stand in.


Children too are foundationed for life when their mom is a godly woman, fighting for them on her knees. This world seeks every possible way to keep our children from knowing the Lord and the power of His might and the life that only comes from His presence. We need to vibrantly and passionately build our relationship with a Him so that we can confidently stand when all else shouts for the attention of our family and fragrance the lives of our husband, children and all we come into contact with, with the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ.


A godly woman is one who can be trusted to bring truth into perspective when all hell breaks loose around us.

Stand strong in the Lord and His anointing and life in you. You will need the power and peace that comes from a deep relationship with the living God as you stand vastly different to the voices and examples and ideas that call out for the attention of your loved ones but be encouraged because the Lord always works with, in and through us to bring His purposes to pass. A godly woman is a powerful woman with the full force of God’s love flowing through her speech, her actions, her faith and her life. Never give up!


Keep listening carefully to the voice and directions of the Holy Spirit and let the Lord use you mightily for good all the days of your life. A godly woman, who can find her? Our families can because we are her!

-Lindsey Lefebure

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