September 29, 2016

Have You Seen

Throughout the Bible we see that God has always had a plan and a purpose for His people. Everything that God does is with purpose and reason, His ways are not random or erratic, and He does not do things by chance but rather by a divine plan. From the very beginning of creation all

September 22, 2016

Never Too Busy

  In a world where everyone is in a rush to get somewhere and do something it becomes a bit of a challenge to make time for God. We often get so caught up in what everyone else around us wants that we forget what He needs.   Yeah I am guilty of this. I

September 13, 2016

Waiting With God.

God has been putting this on my heart and I think its something we all need to hear, know and understand. Relationships. This is not the light and fuzzy-feeling side of this topic though. I think it’s an important topic to discuss for anyone looking for someone, in a relationship, or maybe even for a

September 6, 2016

Intimacy With The Father

As women we naturally desire to be desired. There is something inside of us that loves to be loved and lavished on. In the courting stages of a relationship the women desires to be pursued by her man.  In a marriage when two hearts are joined as one, the women desires intimacy with her husband,

August 30, 2016

Women Of Destiny

Who is a Woman of Destiny? What does she do? Where do you find her? Who can become a Woman of Destiny? These are often questions that arise in people’s minds. Is she someone who has written a book or appears on TV or has a lot followers on Twitter? Are her videos on YouTube